Ka-Ko Jo’s

Billings, MT.

Located Inside Rimrock Mall

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Attractions & Pricing:


We have over 50 games throughout the stunning entertainment center. We have everything from retro classics, arcade fan favorites, shooting games and a variety of redemption machines. Purchase, play, and reload every time! Tickets load directly onto the Ka-Ko Jo’s play cards and they never expire so you can save up for something epic!

  • 3 - 20 Credits Per Game*

VR Relix

With Rilix Coaster, you can experience the thrill of riding a roller coaster with a variety of immersive tracks and rides!

  • 20 credits per game per play

VR SpongeBob

Play as SpongeBob SquarePants and his best friend Patrick to help Mr. Krabs jump start his new delivery service. While one player steers through Bikini Bottom by leaning left and right, the other uses a turret to launch Krabby Patties to hungry citizens. Enjoy increased replayability by providing two experiences in one.

  • 3 - 20 Credits Per Game*

Bay Tek Axe Master

Throw the axes at the target for points, get the most to win. Bullseyes reward the most points, while the further out in the ring the points go down.

  • 20 credits per game per play

Dodgeball Extreme

Dodgeball is a highly interactive ball toss game using the nuances of the iconic dodgeball theme. Players skillfully aim at random pop-out targets throughout gameplay and stationary holes to score points when the ball goes through them.

  • $5.99 per child

* Plus Applicable Taxes

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